Vikram Telematics is in the process of commissioning of a world class, multi-gigabit, multi-protocol, convergent IP infrastructure through National Internet Backbone-II (NIB-II), that will provide convergent services through the same backbone and broadband access network. The Broadband service that we will be providing would be available on DSL technology which is wired with the same copper cable that is used for connecting telephone, on a countrywide basis spanning 198 cities.

The services that we support include always-on broadband access to the Internet for residential and business customers, Content based services, Video multicasting, Video-on-demand and Interactive gaming, Audio and Video conferencing, IP Telephony, Distance learning, Messaging: plain and feature rich, Multi-site MPLS VPNs with Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees. Our subscribers get access to the above services through Subscriber Service Selection System (SSSS) portal.

Services available through Broadband
  • High speed Internet Access: This is the always-on Internet access service with speed ranging from 256 kbps to 8 Mbps.
  • Multicasting: This is to provide video multicast services for application in distance education, telemedicine etc
  • Dial VPN Service: This service allows remote users to access their private network securely over the NIB-II infrastructure.
  • Video and Audio Conferencing
  • Content based Services: Like Video on Demand, Interactive Gaming, Live and time shifted TV
Wireless Broadband

Wireless broadband being the most attractive and a must feature in most mobile handsets we provide connection to our clients so that they can access internet and enjoy the services provided by various subscribers. Standardized by the IEEE 802.16 we use the Local Multipoint Distribution Service (LMDS) to send microwave signals to transmit voice, video, and data signals for short distances and Multichannel Multipoint distribution Service (MMDS), better known as wireless cable for Broadband networking or cable television programming reception. We also use the ISM bands as per our client requirement.


Wired Broadband
Wireless Broadband