We also provide support by construction of pipelines for transportation of different types of goods, which could be Highly-toxic ammonia, bio fuels, coal and ore, hydrogen, water. We can provide all three types of pipelines, gathering pipelines, distribution pipelines, and transportation pipelines as per our client requirement.

Since oil and gas pipelines are an important asset of the economic development of almost any country, it has been required either by government regulations or internal policies to ensure the safety of the assets, and the population and environment where these pipelines run. In order to check product theft, unauthorized extractions in the middle of the pipeline we make sure the detection levels are under 2 percent of maximum flow, with a high expectation of location accuracy. This is called CPM or Computational Pipeline Monitoring System.

An ever increasing fleet of pipeline equipment including Pipelayers, Automatic Welding Sets, Pipe Benders, Horizontal Boring machines, Excavators, Dozers enables us to simultaneously manage many spreads simultaneously.

Today, Vikram Group is one of the fastest growing pipeline contractors in Asia. Unmatched speed, a large equipment base, experienced manpower and cost effective solutions, have established us as the preferred pipeline contractor with prestigious oil and gas conglomerates., plastics, fertilizers, antifreeze, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, natural gas and propane.